I conduct research at the intersection of Software Engineering and Human Computer Interaction and Computing Education. I want to help software engineers choose the most appropriate tools for their job, by understanding which tools work well in what use cases.

You can download my current one page resume detailing my research and other experience here. Once I have a non trivial number of publications, I’ll convert this to a fancy CV.


I’m Leaving You, Travis: A Continuous Integration Breakup Story Conference on Mining Software Repositories, May 2018

David Gray Widder, Michael Hilton, Christian Kästner, Bogdan Vasilescu

An empirical study examing factors associated with TravisCI abandonment.

Tensions between Scientific Programming and the Scientific Method Defended June 2017

David Gray Widder, Supervised by Professor Stephen Fickas

Undergraduate thesis on the practices of scientific programmers.

What are barriers to efficient ROS debugging? Presented July 2016

David Gray Widder, Josh Sunshine, Claire Le Goues

Poster presenting research conducted at CMU’s REUSE 2016 on the challenges of debugging in the Robot Operating System framework. 12 participants completed 22 tasks. Preparing to submit to Transactions on Software Engineering.