I conduct research at the intersection of Software Engineering, Human Computer Interaction and Computing Education. I want to understand how people’s education and lived experience influences the way they write code, and I want to apply these insights to improve the state of Computer Science education. Much of my research has been conducted in collaboration with Professor Stephen Fickas at UO.

You can download my current one page resume detailing my research and other experience here. Once I have a non trivial number of publications, I’ll convert this to a fancy CV.


What are barriers to efficient ROS debugging? July 28, 2016

David Gray Widder, Josh Sunshine, Claire Le Goues

Poster presenting my research conducted at CMU’s REUSE 2016. I found directives in documentation for the Robot Operating System, created tasks based on these directives, and then had 12 participants complete these tasks 22 times while thinking aloud so that I could study the barriers they face while doing so.